How To Create A Literature Research Paper

“Success is when opportunity meets preparation” it is very true that failing to plan is as good as planning to fail. To write a good research paper requires good preparation and clear statement of the plan. You cannot just wake up one day and you want to write a research paper. That way you will produce very poor result and your paper may not be read by anyone or certified by other academicians. A literature research paper is very distinct from the rest especially in the content in it and the format. To write a good literature research paper you need to consider the following.

Select a field to research on

A field to research in literature may come from many areas but majorly from reading books. You can decide to focus on a repeated question in a literature book and try to tackle it. Key among all these is to choose a topic you are most interested in. it is also advisable to choose a topic which has not been researched by most people to avoid duplication of information. In case the field you have chosen has been researched earlier on, identify the information collected to avoid redundancy.

Formulate a hypothesis

A hypothesis can be simply defined as an educated guess or what the researcher thinks is the likely outcome of the research. It is also the basis for the formation of the research question. Hypotheses where the outcomes are very obvious show you that there is no need for research in that topic and therefore selection of another field is required.

Gather your own information

It is important to check for the latest information about the topic you are researching on. Check any scholarly articles on the internet about the topic and have a bank of information about the topic you are researching on. Understand the questions handled in the articles and pick the most interesting arguments that went unanswered. Work on those ones.

It’s time to start writing

Have a captivating introduction before getting to the body of the research. It is obvious that by now you have an outline and you need to follow it. You should not be worried of unraveling previously forgotten concepts in the course of your writing so that you support your text. Make sure in the course of writing you do not stray from the formulated hypothesis. If it happens so, make sure that you that you go through.

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