20 Good Ideas For Psychology Term Papers For University

Psychology is the study of human mental processes. People are often attracted to this field because of their desire to understand other people and to help them when they find themselves in difficult situations. If you are in this field, you can consider any of these ideas as you search for a good topic to write your term paper on:

  • Hot beds for neuroses: A case study on the incidence of mental illness on the modern college campus
  • Alternative versus pharmaceutical treatments in the treatment of mild depression
  • How effective is yoga in maintaining a feeling of general psychological well-being?
  • Is it preferable to give patience access to potentially habit forming drugs as opposed to less traditional treatments?
  • Can social media fasting lead to increases in self esteem?
  • Are people’s feelings of confidence inversely related to the quantity of posts they put up on social media?
  • Can a shift in media portrayals of body perfection lead to increased body acceptance in women ages 18 to 25?
  • Should marijuana be made available to patients with psychological problems regardless of their ages?
  • Should social media be trusted to help discover benign psychological abnormalities that have previously gone unreported?
  • What does the inability to come to a consensus on the color of a dress say about the way that human eyes perceive color?
  • Are people who exhibit homophobic tendencies more likely to be sublimating latent homosexual urges?
  • Should parents be encouraged to be less permissive with their children in order to avoid creating feelings of entitlement?
  • To what extent are members of the African American Community still psychologically affected by the aftermath of slavery and residual discrimination?
  • Does the music you listen to have a noticeable effect on your ability to concentrate on academics?
  • Are the parents of successful children too hard on them or does the additional pressure work in their favor?
  • Are older college students more likely to be focused than student who enter right after high school?
  • Does exposure to high speed driving games give people an unrealistically high confidence in their driving abilities?
  • How effective is Tetris in reducing feelings of stress?
  • Can hypnopaedia be used to improve grades?
  • Do binaural beats cause mild hallucinations in normal subjects?

Psychology is vast which is why these topics will seem to cover many different areas. This is a good thing because it means you can never truly get bored with it.