Why You Shouldn't Rely On Free Research Papers Available Online

Nowadays, you can easily find whatever you need by simply using a search engine. There is no need to go to the library or ask other students to get a research paper, since it is just one click away from you. However, you should remember that not everything you can download from the Internet is really of the highest quality. Many students believe that since they managed to get an example for free they have left all their troubles behind. Actually, their problems may only become worse. If you want to know why you should not use works available at no cost, this article is for you.

  1. A good piece of work is rarely provided for free.
  2. Not all the papers published online are bad, but still there are lots of low-quality works. When looking for a free piece of work, you need to be aware that you will not probably find a paper that can satisfy all your requirements. There can be a good reason why it is available to anyone. Imagine you are a professional who earns his or her living by writing theses and dissertations for students. As you know, to complete a research paper you need to conduct investigation, examine previous works in the field, use all your knowledge and writing skills and meet the required recommendations. Would you like to do all those things for free? Probably, not.

  3. Free papers have been used by other students many times.
  4. Unless you are using reliable resources like the websites of universities, colleges, libraries or writing centers, there are no guarantees that you will find a trustworthy work. Anyone is free to publish whatever he or she wants and no one checks it. Even if you are lucky to get a great research paper, many students before you have already used it in their projects. Do not forget to check it on a plagiarism detector before using it.

  5. You may get caught plagiarizing.
  6. Using a free paper as your own is a very bad idea. If you submit a plagiarized work, all other things like its quality, style and format will no longer matter. You won’t be put into jail or forced to pay a fine for doing this, but it can seriously affect your reputation or even ruin your academic career. You should use free examples found on the Internet only to get a clear view of the expected format or to find your inspiration.

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