How To Frame A Strong Research Paper Thesis Statement: Tips For Dummies

The most important thing when you begin to write my thesis paper is crafting the thesis statement. It is not a mere statement, but a claim which you will be proving with reasons based on logic, facts and evidences and research. You can pen down a statement only after some have developed critical thinking after some research on your topic. It conveys the main idea or the point of view from which you will be doing the project. Thesis statement is written after Statement of Purpose, and the reader can get complete idea as to what can be expected from your written paper.

Generally, a research statement:

  • Is a single sentence.

  • Throws light on how the subject matter in question will be interpreted.

  • Is like a roadmap which tells the reader what is your work all about.

  • It is a statement which others may not agree

How to approach

  • Refer to Statement of Purpose again and again

  • The statement should be made depending on the information collected

  • Make a statement which you can prove by evidence, otherwise you may be challenged

Things to keep in mind

  • Your thesis statement should be a single sentence and should be simple. The best way to approach the task is by asking a simple question: what is to be proved?

  • Since a topic can be very wide, a thesis can touch only a particular point of that topic. You must have already decided the particular point you will be touching in your project, which means you must have narrowed down your topic. Base your statement on it.

  • If your findings show other interesting possibilities, you can change your thesis statement.

  • It is always wise to get the thesis statement approved by your Research Guide or Instructor and then start in depth research.

  • Avoid writing in first person, as your name will be mentioned right at the beginning of the paper. Try to put across your point strongly in crisp language.
  • If your work requires you to define your position about the subject, you have to do it through your research statement right at the beginning. Generally, it is assumed that you will include a thesis statement and it is not mentioned explicitly in the assignment. If you are not sure, it would be better to ask your Research Guide and then write a thesis statement.