Analytical research paper topics: a list of great suggestions

Every essay is an argument in that you are to give a thesis and evidence to support it. An analytical essay “analyses” a problem or situation and gives out a conclusion that supports your thesis. You have to give FACTS in an analytical essay, and this is how it differs from other essay types. You can write an analytical essay on just about any topic, as long as you can present solid factual evidence to support it.

Here is a list of prompts for good analytical topics.

  1. Qualities of a good parent.
  2. How to raise a kid when you are single.
  3. Are single parent families healthier than traditional two-parent families?
  4. Are you fit for the Army?
  5. How to become a yogi.
  6. Is teaching a satisfying calling in the twenty first century.
  7. How to fight stage fright an analysis of self-help induced improvement in confidence.
  8. Self-confidence is a product of positive childhood experiences.
  9. Qualities that you need to be a full-time parent.
  10. Psychological effects of a physical handicap.
  11. Is story writing a learnt art? Are people with creative writing qualifications better storytellers?
  12. How to lose 10 pounds in 2 months and if it is healthy.
  13. Do chess players have higher than average IQ’s?
  14. Why do people become bikers?
  15. Why the majority abhors physical activity?
  16. Who can help writers publish their first stories?
  17. Is personality more important than skills in sales?
  18. Why never starting to smoke is better than trying to quit later.
  19. Why do couples end up parting? Are divorces an expression of normal human nature?
  20. Money buys happiness. Happiness does not buy anything.
  21. Paragliding: Is it a safe sport?
  22. Becoming a sports teacher and qualities of a coach.
  23. Why is the cosmetics industry still making profits while all else is going down.
  24. Essential qualities of an entrepreneur: Selfishness and cruel cutthroat strategies or nothing.
  25. Why being a freelance writer is harder than working in an office.
  26. Scuba diving: Are there real risks involved.
  27. Qualities of a German shepherd that make it better than other breeds of dog.
  28. Increasing unemployment because of economic crisis.
  29. Are golf players shrewd businesspersons, or is golf just a favorite of people who make it big.
  30. Is starting a small business viable in 2014-15.