Why Homework Should Not Be Banned: 4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons

The debate on homework and its significance in the life of a student has been ongoing for some time now and while most of the solutions have remained largely debatable, a reliable answer has remained elusive. Well, in the life of a student, partaking on some extra class work is part and parcel of academic progress and many always say homework is such an extracurricular activity which should be abolished. The question is; can this really stand the test of time? Also, are those who are against assignments simply fumbling without prior knowledge on just how such exercises have always been instrumental to students? To most students, studying at home which includes doing some extra class work is very annoying and there is no doubt that a large percentage of those advocating for the ban of homework are students. But why do students hate assignments with passion? Hasn’t it helped them in any way?

There are many obvious reasons why class assignments should stay and the same goes for why they should be banned but come to think of it. What are people not talking about regarding the ban which they argue should be imposed on homework? Those who hate school have every reason to take to the streets in support of the ban while those who are against will give every reason including those which are not so obvious so that people can look beyond what is mere reality. To know more on the not so obvious reasons why assignments should not be banned, use this service to jumpstart a change in your approach to the debate.

Weakness assessment

Not everything that is taught in class will be grasped by a student. This is where homework is useful because apart from providing an avenue for further reading through research, it also helps students understand their areas of weaknesses in a better way and in a quite learning environment.

Involve parent in kid’s progress

In a big way, class assignments have enhanced cooperation between teachers and parents. This is because through subject based assignments, parents are allowed to make contacts with teaches and inquire why their kids are not doing well and seek means of helping improve their performance.

Preparation for exams

Assignments are meant to enhance the understanding levels of learners and to also help them prepare for final papers every day.