Great American History Research Paper Writing Ideas For High School

As a high school student, you have been assigned to write a research paper on American history. It could be a task that takes away all the air from you when you have little or no clue on what to write about or where to start from. However, being asked to write about any given country or geographical location can be an opportunity to learn new and interesting things about the given location. On this note, instead of seeing it as a cumbersome task, you should see it as another unique shot at increasing your knowledge of people’s ways of life and more.

In order to inspire you into composing an excellent research paper on great American history, some ideas have been put together in this article. Listed here are some topics that would really impress your high school tutor and make others want to read more of your work. They are as follows:

  • The dropping of the atomic bomb: You can base your paper on whether this act was justified or not.

  • The prohibition of 1920 – 1933: Your research paper should analyze why America’s move to prohibit the manufacture and sales of alcohol within the specified time failed and with what result.

  • Hurricane Katrina: This is an event in history that can never be forgotten in a hurry by almost every American. Your high school academic paper can look into what lessons were learnt from the aftermath of this natural disaster that is rated amongst the deadliest and costliest in America.

  • Civil rights movement: Yet another topic you can impress your tutor with. This movement was geared towards eradicating racial discrimination that existed against the blacks then. Through your research project, you can analyze the changes that came about in the goals of the movement, before and after the movement.

  • Ronald Reagan’s led “war on drugs”: You can take on the progress made so far, telling your target readers if the war is a lost war or if significant progress has been made since inception.

  • The 9/11 attack: Another sad day in the history of America. Through your high school academic paper, discuss if this event has in any way spurred any high school students into enlisting with the military.

  • The great depression: This idea would make a compelling read for your research paper as you discuss the after-effects of the great depression and if America should be expecting more severe economic issues in the future.

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