Help me find original environmental science research paper topics

What is the study of environmental science?

The field of environmental science deals with protecting and understanding the natural environment.

The study of environmental science involves other areas of science like computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, and geology.

This type of science deals with the mechanism and interaction between human beings, systems of the earth, fauna, and flora.

Here are the types of studies that are done in environmental science:

  1. Air;
  2. Water;
  3. Soil;
  4. Food; and
  5. Animals.

These types of studies in environmental science does the following:

  1. Understand different types of environmental system processes in nature.
  2. Understand and identify hazardous problems and damages to the environment.
  3. Understand how to identify the best solutions to deal with hazardous problems and damages that have affected the environment.

Here a few jobs that one can get with a degree in environmental science:

  1. Environmental Consultant with government agencies or businesses.
  2. Ecologists.
  3. Park Rangers.
  4. Conservationists.
  5. Conversation Planners.
  6. Horticulturists.

How to choose a good topic for an environmental science research paper?

The subject matter has to be based on the environment and nature.

The subject matter also has to discuss how different components affect the environment.

The subject matter has to discuss components of biology and chemistry.

The subject matter has to state an environmental problem and solution to that problem.

The subject matter has to deal with the earth, nature, and environment. But, not science factors like scientific elements or space.

Here are some interesting topics for an environmental science research paper:

  • Effects of the growing human population on the environment and earth.
  • How global warming is affecting the earth?
  • How air pollution and water pollution affects the earth?
  • How many countries are dealing with waste management to take better care of the environment?
  • What is renewable energy and how it is improving the environment?
  • How to ensure that natural habitats of wildlife are protected from encroachment by human beings?
  • How agriculture of food has improved in the past fifty years?
  • How has the Environment Protection Agency Act improved the environment in the USA?
  • What is the current state of the ecosystem in the 21st Century?

What to consider when choosing a topic for a research paper in environmental science?

  • Ensure that the subject matter meets the approval of the teacher or professor.
  • Ensure that the topic has enough materials and sources to research it.
  • Ensure that the subject matter deals with an environmental problem and has a solution to it.