What To Know About The Elements Of An Academic Research Paper

A research paper differs vastly from a regular essay or paper and if this is the first one that you have ever been called upon to write then it is very easy to understand how you would be confused by the key components and exact requirements. So, in order to simply the entire process. Here is my quick guide to what you need to know about the elements of an academic piece like this.

The introduction is vital

You will probably have had this drilled into you since high school when you were writing regular essays. So, you should already be familiar with the need to write an introduction that totally hooks and pulls your audience in and leaves no doubt in their minds as to the need to continue reading as opposed to maybe passing it over in favour of someone else’s.

If you fail in your introduction, then chances are you are going to end up with only a mediocre grade. You need to manage your reader’s expectations clearly here.

The power of research

Underestimate the power and potency of the need for in depth research at your peril. Even if you end up ignoring half of what you have studied, then you need to take the time to go through it in meticulous detail. Who knows if that one little snippet of information could turn out to be the academic goldmine that you have been searching for?

A Tremendous Thesis

Your Thesis provides the validation and justification for the whole venture. You should view it as an academic scouting mission. If you get part way through your mission and discover that you have hit a bummer, well, far better that you discover this now rather than later. Your Thesis really is the embodiment of your whole paper and you should go to great lengths to perfect it.

A cunning conclusion

Your conclusion is the silken threads that tie your whole tapestry together. Don’t be tempted to cut corners with this or try and whizz through it, as this will really show and once again, you could find yourself in the kind of territory where you are dropping marks.

Credit where it is due

Failure to properly acknowledge or credit people for their contributions, or for using their work is not only bad form but could ultimately get you in a lot of hot water. Make sure that you compile a full bibliography.