Choosing A Proper Science Research Paper Format

Just exactly what does a science research paper format require? Looking at the format for most essays and research papers, it should be noted that the format was made for the kinds of papers that are common to find in the field of science. Certain features are broken down this way to present research results in a clearer way.

But which format should one use? Science research papers certain are more demanding than any other? This is certainly true because they’re more logical than other essays. Here are some things to note when choosing a proper science paper format.

Are There Different Formats?

During grade school students are usually given science fair project assignments. These assignments usually have the students go through a process of breaking down the results of a study of something like a chemical change, the breakdown of a compound and various other things that require an explanation of some process.

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

The formats for these papers are often determined by the instructor and are often very basic, or they are format standards given by an institution such as Harvard, that the teacher/instructor decided to stick to.

What’s The Difference?

The only differences are cosmetic. For instance, in all cases the student is going to have a:

  • Title page
  • Abstract page
  • Introduction

Which is followed by sections that go into the details of the student’s research with:

  • results, then
  • references
  • acknowledgements.

Those things are standard.

Each format style will require that the paper be written in a certain font or that it have a certain kind of indentation, depending on the institution that influenced the format. The best one to chose, if the teacher didn’t specifically say, is dependent on the student. In grade school these details are usually not important.


About the only requirements are going to be with the order of the sections of the paper as mentioned earlier. Up until the point where the body follows the introduction -- which depends on the subject of the research -- everything is standard for this type of paper. Perhaps the most important part of the format is the abstract page which is put upfront ahead of the rest of the paper especially when someone is looking to buy it. For instance, the scientific community usually puts these papers on display through an online journal where someone can buy it for a fee. The abstract page is free to view before the rest. Once the student picks their style and sticks to a format, science research papers are easy to complete.

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