A List Of Catchy Social Psychology Term Paper Topic Ideas

No matter how interesting you find Social Psychology, there are only so many combinations of term paper topic ideas that you can cover that have not already been written. So have a go at some of these.

  1. Joining a fraternity - what is the impact on the social psychology of joining a fraternity. Link this into theories of groups and wanting to belong. Look at research that both supports and refutes ideas of needing fraternities. Is the idea of a fraternity outdated in today’s society?
  2. Body Image and Self-esteem – this may be one that has been used before but it seems to be very controversial especially for young children. There will be lots of backup research that you can use but remember to show two sides of the topic. Perhaps you could look at this from an historic point of view (centuries ago children were not children for very long).
  3. Damsels in distress, do looks count – do looks depend on whether the female is helped in times of distress? Again look historically at the evidence that is provided though history as well as through social psychology research.
  4. How does fear impact on Social behaviour? – is this something that happens as we age? Is it fear or social anxiety?
  5. Jealousy between siblings? - does it really exist, is it worse for males or females? What evidence is there siblings actually grow out of being jealous of each other?
  6. Does our sense of humour change as we grow older? Does age change us if so what in social psychology instigates those changes
  7. Do men and women really think differently? If males and females think differently is it because of gender differences, creativity or innate workings? What happens in gender reassignments?
  8. Long distance relationships do they really work? What research evidence supports that they do and what evidence says not? Does this relate to what is reported in the media?
  9. A new slant on what is antisocial behaviour. There are a new set of rules –what behaviours are seen in today’s society that may not have been prevalent 20 years ago (e.g. texting continually, double dipping etc.).
  10. Avoidance tactics regarding stress in the work place. Again this is a new one – what tactics do we use in the workplace today that helps us cope with stress and stressful environments – supports your argument with strong research.
  11. Can you measure creativity? Is it something that can be socially measured?
  12. Are leadership skills observable in young children? What are the observable qualities if a leader – can this be applied to a young child?
  13. How much are our personalities innate and how much is moulded by our environment? This is about what is measurable and what is theory
  14. Why do we suffer from low self-esteem in some situations? What are the factors and situations to look out for?
  15. What inhibits people from disclosure? Why do people distrust others?