A Manual For Composing A Research Paper With A Thesis Statement

A research paper not only puts a topical theme in all its credence; it tries to sneak through the layers and find out the reasons behind its existence; its potential and its present status. It is an attempt to go beyond the apparent ladder and envision the actual picture.

The power of conviction

Now, it is clear that you cannot compose a research paper without having conviction in it. You should not take up topics you don’t believe in or are ignorant about. You place your conviction right at the beginning; i.e. the first paragraph of the Introduction in form of a thesis statement.

Value of the theme

Now, this thesis statement is a specific elaboration of the job at hand and the value you think the theme has. You have to continue the fold and keep supporting the statement with facts, figures and prominent perspectives.

The two types

The research paper thesis statement can be of two types. One is the mode of conviction where you place the statement in the shape of a maxim, as you behold it. For instance, you may have a strong feeling that Smartphone Technology (ST) will be the monopolizing power in coming years; and you spend the paper proving that other technologies may peter off in time, however potent but ST will stand the test of time.

The conflicting mode

The other is a mode of conflict where you present the thesis statement as a manner of attracting debate so that readers largely identify with it. You can carry off a research on women’s liberation and expound the statement as ‘The time has come for the women to be given their due and given a superior status than men to balance the age-old equation.’ This is bound to attract comments of all sorts.

Extracting support

You will have to take help from the Methodology section; where the research can be oriented to assist and strengthen your thesis statement. In fact, the river may also flow from Methodology to the statement; the latter originating somewhere from the former.

Genuine comfort

The research paper should ideally be sourced out from genuine reference points, so readers feel they are reading a piece of authority and reliability. Future students will also feel encouraged to emulate your ideology on the theme.

So, the crux is to start the paper with a prominent thesis statement and to continue spinning its core. Your belief should come out as eternal.