Research Paper Writing Solutions For College Students

Research papers were not meant to be easy. They require a lot of work, and a lot of time. They are an integral part of college life and most students will write more than one during their academic career. As essential as they are towards the grade that you get, it is a good idea to understand how to write a research paper that will knock 'em dead. Here are some simple solutions to ensure that your research paper is better than average:

Understand the Assignment

Read carefully through the assignment as soon as it has been given to you. Make sure that you completely understand what the professor wants you to do. Do you need to compare? Do you need to define? Do you need to analyze? If you are at all uncertain about just what is expected, ask for clarification right away.

Preliminary Planning

Development of a good topic will require some research to start off with. Discuss the topic that you choose with your professor in order to ascertain if the goals that you have set will be feasible. Instead of beginning to write right away, compile a list of what you already know about the topic and determine the questions that you want to have answered by your research.

Research in Advance

Time management and discipline are needed to be certain that you complete an excellent research paper. Track down information early. Once the topic has been defined, get a hold of all the material that will be relevant.

Start Writing

If you compile research for months before even writing a word, you can be making a grave mistake. As you go along, evaluate and review all of the information that you have gathered. Write parts of the essay as you go along. This can assist you in defining the questions and arguments that you wish to present. If needed, you can then search for more research materials with a clearer goal in mind.

Review the Draft

Once you have completed the first draft of the research paper, put it away for a day or two before you read through it. This gives your mind a chance to clear and look at what you have written from a fresh perspective. As you read back through the paper, make sure that all of your points are clear, that you have enough supporting evidence for your claims, that there is a logical order to the flow of paragraphs and sentences, and that you have properly cited all of your references. Ask the professor to be certain which style of citation you should be using. If you see any problems, fix them as you go along.


The absolute best way to proofread anything is to read it out loud. It helps you to catch awkward phrasing and missing words. Correct spelling along the way as well. Once this has been done, go back and look for errors in spacing and formatting. Do this as many times as you feel necessary, until you feel confident that you are turning in the best possible research paper!