What Is A Good Topic For A Term Paper On Information Technology?

When you are given an information technology term paper assignment the first thing you should do is select an interesting and original topic. What you write about should challenge you enough through the semester but not be something so difficult that you simply can’t complete the assignment and meeting the high academic standards of today’s educational system. If you are given the chance to select your own topic you might want to consider these 10 or use them to help inspire ideas of your own:

  1. What do recent advancements in information technology promise to affect the ways people conduct business globally? For instance, will small businesses have a larger reach than previously known?

  2. Is there a gender divide between students getting into information technology? What can be done institutionally or socially to encourage an even participation in learning this ever-growing field and increasingly in demand profession?

  3. What technologies have developed in the last decade that have essentially been abandoned as the promise of alternative more efficient technologies have drawn much more financial support and investment by government groups and private companies?

  4. What does it social media privacy mean today? Consider how it is a method for anyone to comment real time information to thousands of users around the world. However, questions about whether or anonymity should be protected have arisen.

  5. Do you think celebrities have a right to stricter privacy laws concerning photos of themselves and family members because their careers are largely based on public perception and those photos can be potentially harmful to their careers?

  6. Mobile devices today can both be efficient tools to conduct work and the objects by which privacy is violated. Some devices have been banned in specific public spaces because of security risks. What do you think about the current state of mobile device technology?

  7. What do you think about workplace technologies with respect to monitoring what employees search for online using company property but during their personal free time? Do you think they employees should be allowed to use this equipment without fear?

  8. What security threats exist with cloud technology? More and more people are opting to create large libraries of private information that is maintained in the cloud. But are they doing so with a false sense of protection?

  9. Do you think that bring-your-own device support is an expense companies should consider as necessary in today’s changing world that includes increased telecommunication and work from home positions?

  10. How will information technology affect sports gamesmanship in the future? Today, more recruiting decisions, strategy planning, and even game play are affected by advancements. What can be expected in the next 10 years?