Where Can I Get An Example Of An Academic Research Paper

Looking for Samples on the Internet a Guide

Samples of research papers are not hard to find on the internet. Samples can be a great way to get started on a paper that you are feeling insecure about for some reason. Sometimes, just looking at another essay – especially by a student—can reassure you that you are on the right track, writing well, and doing the right thing.

Another great thing that can come from viewing a sample written by a student is that sometimes a wonderful thing happens—you find out your essay is just as good or even better than the student essay you are viewing.

Be Careful to Do the Following As Well, Always

When finding sample essays, you want to make sure to look for the essay by your grade and station and even age if you are in high school. No high school freshman, for example, wants to be using a sample from a medical student wiring for a medical journal or a graduate level English major, for example.

Be Careful to Only Use Google – Plain Old Google

You do not want to use Google Scholar—which is a search engine I do not approve of for several reasons. What Google Scholar is doing is selling very high level, expensive journal articles written by professionals for profit. These are not the kind of samples you need unless you are a researchers beyond the graduate school level who is spending school funds, not their own.

First, look for essays according to your grade or college level

First, look for essays according to your grade level. Let’s say you are a college freshman.. There are several ways you could go about it. If you are writing on a topic that is very popular, say global warming, our constitutional rights, abortion, censorship, or another topic that students frequently write on, you could even particularize your search to these specific topics ans your grade level- for examples – “good college freshmen essays on global warming” or “college essays on global warming” or “introductory college level essays on global warming.”

My Favorite Trick for finding Winning Essays

My favorite trick for finding very good college level essays to give you an essay to shoot for that is A+ is to search for Award winning student essays on the crucible for example.