How To Write A Term Paper On Child Abuse: A Simple Guide

If you are preparing to write a term paper on child abuse, it is important that you understand that the topic is one that evokes lots of emotion and as such, caution should be used in choosing the right topic and approach. Child abuse is a severe menace in the society which has left a lot of children suffering from traumas. These abused children are always scared, feel worthless, are easily broken when faced with challenges and in severe cases, are left with serious mental scars long after the healing of their physical wounds. The following guide is just to help you compose a compelling and quality paper.

After you must have chosen the topic for your term paper, you then carry out researches before sitting down to do the actual writing and more researches. When it comes to writing the main body of your paper, make sure that you cover the general causes of child abuse which includes emotional problems, immaturity to be a parent, economic crisis, unrealistic expectations, troublesome relationship, depression and others. People facing these types of issues always end up transferring their aggression to their children or wards as the case may be.

You should also shed more light on the two major causes of child abuse which are substance abuse and domestic violence. Several researches carried out shows that approximately 70% of men not only abuse their female partners but their children as well. There are several effects that arise as a result of child abuse and these should be discussed in your term paper. Some of these effects include:

  • Physical Effects: This is a situation where the child being abused is injured physically. These injuries range from minor bruises to more severe cases like broken bones and in some instances, death. Certain physical abuses usually lead to recurring health issues for the abused child.
  • Psychological Effects: In this case, the abused child finds it difficult to trust people and prefers being in isolation. Some of the lifelong psychological effects include depression, low self-esteem and difficulty in maintaining stable relationships.
  • Behavioural Effects: Your term paper should analyze the behavioural effects of child abuse which includes teen drug dependency, teen pregnancy, delinquency etc. Several researches have shown that abused children are highly prone to juvenile crimes.

Finally, to make your paper count, it is important that you write a compelling conclusion that is geared towards eliciting support and care for abused children. Don’t forget to properly cite your references.