Where To Find An Example Of An APA Style Research Paper With A Table Of Contents

Research papers that are written by students in colleges and universities usually have APA style of formatting. However, if you’re going to write your first paper of this type, you should look at good examples first. Having examined decent samples with a table of contents, you’ll know how to format and structure your work. Here are some sources of research paper help that should be useful for you.

  • Your instructor.
  • Usually, teachers who give students such assignments become their instructors. This means that you may ask your teacher about anything related to your work. This applies to providing examples too. A good instructor should always have several samples in APA style that they can share with students.

  • Your college library.
  • When looking for sample research papers, this source is probably the best one. First of all, there are many papers created by students of your college stored in your college library. Secondly, you don’t have to pay anything to gain access to this source. If you need a paper with a topic that is similar to yours and has a good table of contents, then you shouldn’t ignore visiting your college library.

  • Your college electronic database.
  • Every college has an electronic database nowadays. This is a good alternative to libraries if you don’t like to borrow and copy actual papers. Your college electronic database should contain plenty of examples in APA style. It won’t take you much time to find needed documents and download them on your computer.

  • Your college friends.
  • If you have college friends who are older than you, they may become good sources of help too. Ask them about research papers they’ve written in the past. If you’re lucky, they may provide you with their old works as examples. If your friend received a good or excellent mark for their paper, it means that formatting, writing and the table of contents was on the high level.

  • Academic centers.
  • There are probably several such organizations in your hometown. They help students with writing and formatting their academic papers. They also provide decent samples. Some of these centers provide their services on a non-profit basis, others demand payment. However, the quality of their help is high in any case.

  • Online sources.
  • It’s also possible to find good examples of research papers in APA style on the Internet. However, not all online sources can provide you with samples of high quality. It’s advisable to use services of academic writing websites and educational resources.

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