Choosing Civil Engineering Term Paper Topics: Useful Suggestions

Choosing a topic for your paper can be very challenging.

  • You could write a paper about harvesting rainwater
  • You could write about hazardous waste management
  • You could create a topic revolving around noise control for buildings
  • You can discuss stone asphalts
  • You could research submerged floating tunnels
  • You could study earthquake resistant building construction
  • You could focus on green concrete
  • You could craft a paper that discusses reinforced concrete columns for otherwise corroded columns
  • You can craft a paper that revolves around Ground improvement techniques
  • You can focus on drip irrigation
  • You can write about the durability of high-performance concrete
  • You could review the significance of nanotechnology in the field of construction engineering
  • You could focus on soil cements
  • You could write about bacterial concrete
  • You could craft a paper that focuses on block shear failure for tension members

If you're overwhelmed with how much information you were finding on a particular topic, such as one of the topic examples listed above, there are things you can use to focus your otherwise broad topic.

Try and list the things that you already know about that topic and find things that are really interesting to you. This will help you to develop a tentative focus.

Find out background information on the topic from trusted sources. This can be an online encyclopedia that is well-regarded.

Trying finding short magazine articles that will give you a general sense of what the key controversies are related to this topic. You can use academic databases to find magazine articles. The reason you want to use magazine articles to narrow down your broad topic is because magazine articles tend to be quite short and that can prove very beneficial for you in finding out a rudimentary idea.

Try to choose a particular perspective on your topic. See what scholars from varying fields have to say about the topic. Look at different points of view so that you have a better sense of what you want to write about.

When you write this paper you were going to spend a lot of time with it and that is why you need to ensure that the topic you select will be able to sustain your interest. You can find many different ideas by scanning over your previous text books, looking over your class readings and lecture notes for suggestions. You can draw upon things that you have recently studied or things that you saw outside of the academic world which were interesting to you and yet relevant to the topic. If you want to start a business using a different type of cement in the future, you might want to pick a topic that relates to that so that you can learn something about it which you might be able to later apply to your regular life.