How To Find A Good Narrow Topic For A Research Paper In 4 Steps

Think of how you reach a particular address in a country. You first narrow it down to the state, city; area, street and then the residence or office. There is a defined path to go from broad to narrow; whichever genre you deal with.

When it comes to your research paper, your choice of topic ought to take the afore-mentioned path. Streamlining is the order of the day. Here is how you narrow down the kittens –

  1. The strongest area – So you have dealt with the subject for a substantial period. By now, you surely know the avenues you like and those that confuse you. You should graduate into the strongest patterns of your subject. This will lend you the pivotal idea for the topic.

  2. The applications – You need to further streamline by checking out what segments of your strongest patterns lead to strong Methods and analysis. There has to be preference for dynamic sections; those that have their own shining existence under the Sun. You should focus on the tenets.

  3. The solution-orientation – Now that you have sufficiently narrowed your search, you should give stress to the section that require urgent handling and a pertinent solution. Since it is your strongest area, you must be having strong perspectives on the matter. The qualitative research will help you find the golden pot.

  4. The emulating topic – If you have 3-4 floating topics in your mind after sufficient narrowing, you should think of the topics that would have an emulating status in near future. This will increase the lifespan of your paper; and accord it a beneficial portrait. Zero in on the ultimate topic and make it the object of your enquiry.

The logic applies everywhere

Interestingly, narrowing the modes will also help you in the completion of the paper. You will have to ignore certain alternatives and cling to feasible ones. You will also be helped by the definition of route that the narrowing will lead to.

This applies more to the opinionated subjects, since exact science topic, are, by nature, quite rigid. You should also think from the head and not the heart. Sometimes, you may tend to fall for a topic simply because you have been personally touched by it in life. It is ideal to keep a clean and unaffected brain while making such decisions.

If you have any doubts, you can check out worthy topics that have been written on of late.

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