The Art Of Writing A Research Paper: An Academic Tutorial

Writing a research paper is important because one should let the world know about the work done and it’s utility for the mankind. Writing a paper varies from the type of subject in question. A scientific research paper is different from a social science or an economic research paper.

Writing an effective research paper

While writing the paper one should also understand who should be the readers of the paper. In case of scientific papers, the readers will be the ones who have some or equivalent knowledge about the subject. While in case of social science papers, one should use simple language so that more and more people can have an idea about the work done.

While writing the paper the following things should be kept in mind. Firstly the subject should be an interesting one for the researcher. If one finds interest and enjoys the subject he will be able to narrow down the topics for the subject. He will also be aware of the relevant data and articles which are there about the article.

Choosing a list of bibliography is another very important task for writing an effective paper. The list should include latest discussions and also the theories related to the topic.

After that organising the data and the figures in a logical sequence is very important. This will be useful while making the skeleton of the format for the paper. It is very important to keep the paper simple and informative. Diagrammatic representation when needed is the best way to make things easier to understand.

Things to be avoided

Choosing a controversial or a too much technical topic is the first thing one should avoid which selecting a topic for his paper. A simple topic attracts attention of the readers the most.

One should also avoid using fragmented sentences while writing the paper. He should make statements which make the paper more confident. Using questions or phrases like “i think” is not at all entertained in the research paper. Making confident statements and using simple coherent language is advised for good paper.

Finalisation of the paper

It is recommended that a draft is prepared in order to revise and proof read the paper. The draft is to be approved by the advisor and once the draft is edited the final copy of the research paper is prepared. Hence a writing a good paper is no more a difficult job with a little methodical and systematic approach.