A Brief Manual On How To Compose A Research Paper Proposal

You have decided to create a quality research paper. You already have in mind the topic of your work as well as the point of perspective from which you could write? That’s great! But you have one problem – your paper needs to be approved by a teacher or a certain company. In order to get a green light for your project, you need to compose a draft or a proposal that will represent the highlight of your research work. Your proposal needs to be evaluated, verified and approved.

If you are having doubts about the proposal, you should check out the following list for some interesting advices that might help you.

  • Choose a topic that can impress your mentor , teacher or boss. This does not mean that you will not succeed if your theme is voluminous, difficult or problematic. Be ambitious and do not back down.
  • A proposal needs to be complete. Make sure that you provide all the crucial information in order to establish a complete picture of your vision. Include the following elements into the structure:
    • A proposal of the title
    • Your title needs to be effective and strong – it should point out the essence of your writing. Make sure that you choose distinctive and interesting words that would be able to draw attention.

    • A well defined area of interest
    • Areas of work must be clearly stated. Otherwise, the proposal loses the characteristics of scientific work and starts to look more like a free form work of literature.

    • Clear and functional division of the text
    • Design the introduction, chapters and annexes.

    • Indicate the list of literature which you intend to use
  • A good research work must possess some kind of evidence , a proof that you have really conducted a complete project.
    • Specify the sources of the study - provide the names of those whose attitudes and opinions were involved in the project.
    • Of course, introduce only by initials those who wanted to remain anonymous.

    • Specify the locations –identify a place where you conducted the research.
  • Your proposal is like a short presentation - try not to burden it with trifles.
  • The person in charge of your proposal’s assessment will appreciate a harmoniously structured work.

  • Never underestimate the power of kind words and personal impression – submit your offer in person and decorate it with a beautiful smile and a positive personal attitude that leads to success.