Constructing A Sociology Research Paper: 10 Helpful Hints

What are the qualities of a good sociology research paper?

Sociology has a strong relation with our everyday life- so a good paper about sociology must enlighten the reader of the unknown side of a known occurrence. Along with that; the lucid language and realistic groundwork are also some of the key points of an excellent sociology paper.

10 helpful hints for sociology research paper construction

  • Choose a topic carefully
  • Start thinking about the topic of your research paper before the final year hits. The necessary steps would be- going through various academic journals and scholarly articles, reading through news papers to pick up a social topic to name a few. Once you get it right, seek the approval of your mentor.

  • Devote enough time for research
  • You must devote time to do all the investigative work required to write your paper. It will only happen if you start your preparation well ahead-whether you need to station yourself in the library or do some survey.

  • Create a rough outline
  • First create a rough outline about how you will go ahead with your paper- from including the important points to the format.

  • Write everyday
  • You have to write at least 100 words every day. Otherwise it may culminate into untimely finish of your paper. Also writing regularly keeps you into the loop.

  • Construct the thesis statement carefully
  • Constructing thesis statement should be your first state of writing. Here guide the readers about why you have chosen this particular topic, what are you going to prove and how.

  • Include the introduction and conclusion at last stage
  • Once you are done with writing the body paragraphs and thesis statement, you should lay your hands upon these two parts. Only then you can do justice to them.

  • Write multiple drafts
  • Make at least 2-3 drafts of your paper. The first draft will invariably be full of errors. The number of them will lessen consecutively from the second draft.

  • Get the opinion of your peers
  • You need to pick up few friends who will be ready to listen to your final draft and voice their opinions. Peer review is a crucial aspect of academic life.

  • Keep the first person voice
  • If your mentor doesn’t tell otherwise, then you can keep the first person’s voice throughout your paper. Include ‘I’ and ‘we’ whenever it feels suitable. Your tone should be engaging yet academic.

  • Proof read for many times
  • From grammatical errors to typographical mistake- proofreading the final draft for multiple times can eradicate these all.